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Not bad advice - the market leaders commission AMG!


In recent years, AMG has been mandated by one world, three European and numerous national market leaders.





The mandated transaction volume from the predominantly Austrian medium-sized manufacturer and production area is currently around 80 MEUR.





> Mechanical engineering - As part of the succession plan, AMG was mandated to sell a manufacturer of industrial air and gas compressors. The company is a leader in its home market (CEE). Project number: 053-PAF-1129





> Medical technology - For the further development as well as the international marketing of a medical device for the treatment of chron. AMG has been given the exclusive mandate to mediate pain and vascular diseases with financial investors. Investment volume around 10 MEUR. Project number: 049-PAF-1105-002





> Plant construction - AMG was exclusively commissioned to sound out a buyer for the complete takeover of an Austrian plant construction company as part of the succession plan. The group of companies is the market leader in the field of process gas technology and environmental technology with sales of over 67 MEUR, including in Russia. Project number: 041-PAF / BUR-1098.

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