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The group around AMG has also been active in the field of real estate development since 2004.

The investment focus was more in the area of smaller real estate projects with a difficult background and development potential, mainly in the Vienna area.

However, this niche could be served very successfully.


Currently there is oneResidential building in Kitzbühel with small units between 60 and 70 m² under development.

AMG's real estate investment in 1120 Vienna was completed:

There were four attic apartments between 84m² and 112m²built and sold.


A commercial office space of approx. 100 m² in 1070 Vienna Hermangasse is for saleon.

In Croatia, around 10,000 m² of space was acquired in Rovinj. It is aResidential building under construction. Three further residential studios are planned.

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