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The regulation of corporate succession is facing major challenges.

 Especially since the next generation is often critical of a takeover due to the experiences of their parents. The development of their "life's works" was often associated with great commitment and risk, as well as sacrifices in family life.


 AMG, as an expert on succession issues, has also experienced that there is simply a lack of contact persons for SMEs.

 The real estate agent is completely overwhelmed with the subject due to his lack of experience in corporate succession. Tax and legal consequences must be clarified in advance. Tax advisors can only be assigned an accompanying role here due to their mostly lacking expertise in M&A topics.

 In any case, a critical eye must be cast on so-called pure “corporate brokers”, especially since they look after the topic in a similar way to real estate agents. In any case, the approach should be executed with regard to business, tax and legal expertise, but also to ensure discretion.

 Only the big auditing firms remain as experts in the M&A area.

 It should be noted that they charge high consulting fees for their services and usually act as consultants for companies with a group structure. Sometimes the focus is more on affiliated financial investors than on the overall market situation.


The AMG team has been carrying out business succession transactions for decades, mainly for medium-sized companies. Collaboration with Experts from the tax and legal field are consulted on the respective project progress and teamwork with the advisors who are already in charge


(Tax advisor, lawyer) worked for the company.

 It also appears essential that a manageable, internationally selected group of investors with a sector-independent focus work contractually with AMG.

 Many components that are not taken into account in the run-up to a transaction are difficult or impossible to correct afterwards and can possibly lead to significant economic losses.

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